Halfsies Dice Are The RPG Dice We've Been Waiting For

Halfsies Dice Are The RPG Dice We've Been Waiting For

In the world of RPG accessories, dice reign supreme. Ever since the early days of Dungeons and Dragons, dice have been an integral part of every campaign. Without a good set of dice, gamers are unable to tell their unique stories. Every sword slash, every dodge roll, every random encounter is dependent on the roll of a good set of dice.

Halfsies Dice

Halfsies Dice Nanobots RPGOver the last forty years or so, dice manufacturers have really upped their game (pun intended). Gone are the sets of low quality dice once packaged with D&D, and in their place are a myriad assortment of dice in every size, color, and luster imaginable. Companies such as Chessex and Crystal Caste dominate the market with their amazing and innovative designs, now familiar to the majority of gamers. That said, there's always room on the game table for something new, and this is where Halfsies dice come into the picture.

Halfsies dice are the brainchild of John Wrot!, owner of Gate Keeper Games -- a small, indie company best known for The King's Armory. Halfsies dice started out as a Kickstarter project that eventually led to the release of 13 unique polyhedral dice sets.

Something Different

We carry a monster assortment of game dice here at Dark Elf Dice, so what exactly is it that makes Halfsies so different from the rest?

  • To start with, Halfsies dice come in a two-toned, half and half color combination. The closest thing on today's market is the wildly popular Gemini line by Chessex. Unlike Gemini dice however, the Halfsies colors don't blend with each other. The separation between the two colors is very distinct.
  • John Wrot! also saw to it that Halfsies are blessed with truly different colors that really haven't been seen in dice before (violets, cyans, browns, vermilions, etc.). Even familiar colors like golds and blues take on different shades. As part of the initial Kickstarter campaign, backers chose the colors they thought best.
  • Finally, Halfsies have a subtle, yet pleasing, pearlescent swirl finish, unlike most of the hard gloss finishes we're most familiar with.


Taken as a whole, Halfsies dice really are something special. One look will reveal just how incredibly awesome they are. Currently, Gate Keeper Games has 13 color combinations. Here's just a sample below. To see all 13 sets, be sure to visit the Dark Elf Dice store here.

Halfsies Adamantium

Halfsies Amethyst

Halfsies Latte Dice

Halfsies Moonlight Sonata

Halfsies Psionic Combat Dice

Halfsies Orichalcum Dice


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