Ghostly Glow Dice Are All The Rage

Ghostly Glow Dice Are All The Rage

Ghostly Glow dice are the latest creation from Chessex, and they're already proving to be very popular here at Dark Elf Dice. Available in both Pink and Orange, these RPG dice are beautiful in their own right -- a milky translucent with ethereal wisps of color. These dice are intense, but it's their eerie, bluish glow that really makes them special.

Ghostly Glow Dice

When we first added the Ghostly Glow dice to our website, we didn't even realize that they glowed-in-the-dark. You'd figure that the name "Ghostly Glow" would have tipped us off, but we simply added the dice because we liked the way they looked and believed that our customers and fans would as well. Besides, Chessex makes really terrific gaming dice, so how could we go wrong?


Since adding Ghostly Glow dice to our store last month, we've already had to re-order twice. Without a doubt, the glow is what makes these dice popular with gamers and collectors. I've been gaming since the 1980's, but I've never seen anything quite like these. A lot of glow-in-the-dark dice give off a greenish light, but I really can't recall seeing blue before. And those ethereal wisps of color I mentioned earlier? They actually turn dark when the lights are out, and this gives the dice a truly supernatural feel.

More Information

To learn more about Ghostly Glow dice, please click here. The dice are currently available in traditional 7-piece polyhedral sets. Until next time fellow travelers! Remember that life is an adventure, so make each and every day special.

ghostly glow pink

ghostly glow orange


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