New D&D Monster Manual Available For Pre-Order

New D&D Monster Manual Available For Pre-Order

The good folks at Wizard's of the Coast are at it again. Building on the success of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, the Wizard's of the Coast team is releasing a brand new monster manual next month on November 15, 2016. 

New D&D Monster Manual

The new monster manual is titled Volo's Guide To Monsters, and it's going to be somewhat different from the encyclopedic tomes we've been comfortable with for years. In a recent interview given to Polygon, lead designer Mike Mearls explains that the new monster manual will be "more story oriented."

The book will have two storytellers that will go into narrative detail about the monsters contained within the volume:

  • Chapter 1 will feature monster lore, and will provide a high level of information for Dungeon Masters and players alike (monster origins, dispositions and behaviors, and their lairs).
  • Chapter 2 will discuss character races, including goblins and orcs.
  • Chapter 3 is a bestiary and will provide stats, lore, and rules for almost one hundred monsters (including creatures new to D&D 5e).

In total, the new D&D monster manual will have 224 pages jam-packed with information and colorful illustrations. A tome of this size and depth will surely inspire the imaginations of gamers looking to explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

For more information, including pre-ordering details, please visit the Wizard's of the Coast website here.

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