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Magic Potion Dice Sets (Choose Your Color)

Magic Potion Dice are here! Originally launched in 2023 as our third successful Kickstarter campaign, we're now happy to offer these exclusive liquid core dice sets for sale on the Dark Elf Dice website.

Magic Potion Dice Features

  • Larger than standard TTRPG dice that we're all familiar with (18mm vs. 16mm) for easier rolls and better visibility
  • Unique liquid core center with vibrant glitter --  shimmers and sparkles with each roll!
  • Crafted in high quality, durable resin to take any abuse your GM throws at you
  • Unique potion bottle graphic replaces the number "6" on the d6
  • A better designed, bladed d4 (instead of the standard pyramid shape) to make the dice easier to pick up and roll
  • Gothic-inspired, easy-to-read number font inked in complimentary gold, silver or white
  • Note: as part of the necessary manufacturing process, all liquid core dice have a small, circular heat seal "dot" (to keep the liquid from leaking) + an air bubble in the inner sphere to allow the glitter and liquid to mix and shimmer (just like a snow globe would).

Magic Potion Dice size comparison

What We Like About Magic Potion Dice

  • Beautiful liquid core dice sets at an affordable price
  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Uniquely shaped d4 easy to pick up and roll
  • Fun, potion bottle design on the d6
  • Six amazing colors to choose from


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
perfect little gift

got these for my boyfriend and they absolutely loved it (and made me a lil sad i didn't get a set for myself)

Casey B

The dice are awesome! Quality is great, number colors are vivid. 10/10 would buy from dark elf dice again

Great dice

I bought 2 sets and love them. It's very satisfying to watch the liquid core only problem is that I sometimes get too distracted..

Jasmine Declerck
Natural 20

These liquid core dice are simply stunning! A real critical success for gifting! The colours are really nice and the shimmer adds the perfect amount of magic to every roll (now I can still be happy rolling a natural 1).

Magma Caster is just perfect for the pyro wizard casting Fireball at every encounter, the colour and shimmer really sell the destructive fiery spell at the gaming table.

Stealthy Stealth is being used by our resident rogue and roll beautifully for pickpocketing and, of course the all important stealth rolls. Beautifully balanced they allow my player to just stealth into a cloud of glittery darkness!!

Very Nice

The Druidic Healing blue set look fantastic. Shipping was also quick. Thank you.

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