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All About Dice Bags

Back in the '80s, long before Dark Elf Dice became a reality, I was just your average kid -- a 7th grader with a penchant for baseball, Atari, and a brand new game my best friend got for Christmas: Dungeons & Dragons.

It wasn't too long though before I started to amass my very own DnD dice horde. At first, it was a robin's egg blue set of starter dice that came with the D&D Basic boxed set; a handful of orphaned Monopoly and Yahtzee dice scrounged from the back of the game closet; and finally, after several trips to my local hobby and game store, a collection of Gamescience polyhedral dice that still brings a tear of happiness to my eyes.

But where do you store all those dice? Back in those days, there weren't a lot of dice bag options -- nothing compared to what's available today. At first, I kept my dice in a sock, then a coveted Crown Royal bag (an old school throwback that's still a popular dice bag solution today).

Now, it's a whole new bag -- literally. Storing and transporting your DnD dice has never been easier. Lots of great choices in all price ranges. A good bag will not only protect your horde, but it'll make a statement as well.

- Shane

Dice Bags FAQ

What are dice bags made of?

Traditionally, dice bags have been made of cloth or fabric. This not only helps keep the cost down (fabric bags are usually very affordable), but a cloth bag is soft and will help protect your dice from scuffs and scratches. A velvet bag with a soft satin lining is a good example.

Leather and faux leather are another popular material. The price can vary, but the bags still do a great job at protecting your dice during storage and transport.

Anodized aluminum is another material of choice -- typically seen in chain mail bags. It may seem counter-intuitive to have a dice bag made from metal, but anodized aluminum rings are actually very smooth. When linked together, they do an amazing job protecting dice without the risk of scuffs and scratches. These bags are generally more expensive, but man they look cool!

What size dice bag do I need?

The size of your dice bag will be determined by how many dice are in your collection. Sounds simple enough, but a small dice bag will typically hold 2-4 sets of dice (great for bringing your favorites to a friend's house for DnD night), while a large bag will hold many more -- upwards to 300+ dice.

Do I even need a dice bag?

A dice bag isn't a necessity, and you can play Dungeons & Dragons and your favorite tabletop roleplaying games without one. Still, you need something to keep your dice in.

If you have one or two sets, you can usually keep the dice in the plastic box or organza bag your dice came in. You can never have enough dice though, and once you start building your collection you'll quickly find you need a better solution. You can always keep your dice in a Tupperware container, bead organizer or something similar. That said, a bag is an affordable choice, looks great, and does an amazing job protecting your dice.

Not convinced? You can check out dice boxes as another storage option.

Can you recommend a dice bag?

This is really a personal choice. That said, if you're looking for a small bag to store a dice set or two you can't go wrong with one of our drawstring velvet and satin lined dice bags. The bags are very affordable and come in a variety of colors so it's easy to coordinate with your favorite dice.

For larger dice storage needs, a recommended choice is the two-pocket fleece bag we carry from Gallant Gamers Hand. The bags are available in three different colors, are ultra-soft, and have two pockets to better organize your horde.

Really though, you can't go wrong with any of the bags we have for sale. We only stock TTRPG accessories that we're proud to use ourselves. We have both small and large bags suitable for any size dice collection. Many different styles and colors to choose from.

Still have questions? No worries :) Dark Elf Dice is your family friendly dice shop and we're more than happy to help. Use the Contact button below to ask your question and we'll do our best to get you the information you need.