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Dark Elf Dice is your source for authentic gemstone dice used for Dungeons and Dragons and RPG games. Carved from semi-precious stones, these DnD dice rock! Offering an amazing selection of gemstones at low prices, our premium dice are amazing and affordable.


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All About Gemstone Dice

One of the things that I love about Dark Elf Dice is the wide variety of DnD dice that we carry. When I first started the business in 2005, we focused mainly on affordable, acrylic and resin dice sets used primarily for tabletop roleplaying games. We still maintain a huge selection of dice for every budget, but over the years our fans requested premium dice for their games and collections.

That being said, nothing quite screams “premium” like gemstones, and I’m proud to say that Dark Elf Dice is now your source for an amazing, and diverse selection of gemstone dice. The dice are more expensive than a standard set of plastic dice, but that’s to be expected. Still, we fight hard to keep our prices as low as possible, and I think you’ll find that our stone dice aren’t outrageously expensive or out of reach for most gamers.

Unlike standard dice, gemstone dice can’t be mass produced by pouring plastic medium into a mold. Semi-precious stones and rock are first cut to shape and then polished smooth. The process is time consuming, but the end result is remarkable: solid, unique gaming dice that stand out from all the rest. The dice look as good on the game table as they do on the collector shelf. Gemstone dice truly are a thing of beauty, and will be the prized possession of any dice goblin’s horde.

- Shane

Gemstone Dice FAQ

What are gemstone dice made of?

Our gemstone dice are made from a variety of semi-precious stones and natural rock. Everything from Amethyst to Zoisite.

Our collection also includes dice made from synthetic materials (synthetic opal and crystal), as well as fused art, transparent and rainbow dichroic glass.

Can gemstone dice be used for gaming?

Absolutely! Gemstone dice can be used for Dungeons & Dragons and all your favorite TTRPG games. That being said, precious things should be well taken care of.

How do I take care of gemstone dice?

As mentioned previously, precious things should be cared for. Although durable, stone, glass, and synthetics can chip or be damaged if not properly taken care of.

To take care of your gemstone dice we recommend that:

1) You roll your gemstone dice on a padded game mat, dice tray, or other soft surface;

2) You refrain from using a dice cup or dice tower to roll your dice (you want to avoid banging and crashing the dice together);

3) You store your dice in the protective case they came in.

Are gemstone dice balanced?

Gemstone dice, like all the dice we sell, are intended -- and are perfectly suitable for -- casual tabletop games. Made from solid material, the dice are cut to shape using center mass principles and lines of symmetry to make the dice fully functional for a night of DnD, etc.

That said, no dice are truly "balanced" (with the exception of precision casino dice). Plastic acrylic, resin, metal, and gemstone dice used for tabletop roleplaying may have some bias, but for all practical purposes the dice are made to roll and randomly generate fair numbers.

Where do your gemstones come from?

The gemstones used for our dice are responsibly sourced worldwide. Austria, India, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom are just some of the countries where the semi-precious stones come from.

Still have gemstone dice questions? You came to the right place! Dark Elf Dice is more than happy to assist you. Please use the Contact button below to ask your question and we'll do our absolute best to get you the information you need.