Reaper Legends Miniatures Collection
High Quality Miniatures For Gamers

Reaper Legends Miniatures Collection

Dark Elf Dice is your source for Reaper Legends miniatures, an exciting new collection of tabletop roleplaying game models.

Reaper Legends are a new range of high-quality miniatures specifically designed for painters and tabletop roleplayers. The miniatures are made with the Bones USA production process using SIOcast plastic. This new technology produces durable, easy-to paint models that have incredible levels of crisp detail.


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A New Line of TTRPG Miniatures

All About Reaper Legends Miniatures

I've been collecting and painting TTRPG miniatures since the mid 1980's, and it's no secret that I'm partial to models made from metal. When I first started in the hobby, plastic miniatures didn't exist -- models were made from heavy lead (I still catch myself calling tabletop miniatures "lead figures" -- yeah, I'm that old!). Even when plastic miniatures first arrived on the scene in the early 90's, they really weren't that good. The models lacked detail and just didn't compare to the crispness and durability of metal.

A lot has changed in 40 years, and one of my favorite miniatures companies is leading the charge. Reaper Miniatures -- known for their extensive collection of metal game models, has started a new series of plastic minis they call Reaper Legends.

Reaper Legends have all the crisp detail and durability of metal miniatures at an affordable price. This new miniatures range has been designed with painters and gamers in mind, and the plastic is good -- I mean really, really good. Reaper Legends are made with the Bones USA production process using SIOcast plastic. With this new technology, Reaper is able to make the best plastic miniatures that I've ever seen. This isn't junky, bendy plastic like the minis of old. Reaper Legends are solid with incredible levels of detail that make the miniatures fun to paint and fun to add to any collection.

- Shane

Reaper Legends Miniatures FAQ

Are Reaper Legends miniatures any good?

Yes indeed! Reaper Legends are an exciting new collection of miniatures made from SIOcast plastic. These new miniatures have incredible levels of crisp detail that rival their metal counterparts and are a joy to collect and paint.

What are Reaper Legends miniatures made from?

Reaper Legends miniatures are made from high quality, SIOcast plastic using the Bones USA production process.

Do Reaper Legends miniatures require assembly?

For the most part, Reaper Legends miniatures are ready to paint right out of the package. That said, a few models in the collection do need to be assembled.

What scale are Reaper Legends miniatures?

The miniatures are 25mm heroic scale and most come with an integral base. The models fit in perfectly with other TTRPG miniature product lines and are a great choice for Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games.

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