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Dark Elf Dice is your source for RPG dice. Huge selection and low prices! Our RPG dice are suitable for D&D, Pathfinder, and all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. Fast, friendly service. Dark Elf Dice has been rolling strong since 2005.

We offer one of the most extensive collections of RPG dice in the multiverse! Browse the collection below. We're sure you'll find awesome dice for Dungeons & Dragons and all your favorite tabletop role-playing games. Happy adventuring!

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Ah yes, Dungeons & Dragons -- the game that started my fascination with tabletop roleplaying games. Some argue D&D is the world's best TTRPG, and who's to say otherwise? I count myself fortunate that I was around during the time D&D rose to prominence in the '80s. In fact, my first introduction to the game was shortly after Christmas in 1982. The game was totally unlike anything I'd ever played before, and I still get goosebumps remembering how excited I was to create my very first character and roll those weirdly shaped dice on the dining room table.

A lot of time has passed, and it's hard to believe that all these years later I'm still playing Dungeons & Dragons and that I created a family business focused on those weirdly shaped dice. RPG dice have really got a hold on me :) I collect them, sell them, and play with them. I consider myself a dice expert, and it makes me happy to share my love for games and dice with fellow gamers and collectors around the world.

We're excited about RPG dice and we know you are too. That's why we offer one of the biggest RPG dice collections on the internet. When you shop at Dark Elf Dice, we know you'll find something awesome for Dungeons & Dragons and all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. Happy adventuring!

- Shane


Questions About RPG Dice

What are RPG dice?

RPG dice are "role playing game" dice. These unique dice are used for tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.

How many RPG dice are in a set?

There are 7 dice in a traditional RPG set: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20.

A traditional set consists of 7 different dice. Each die is a unique polyhedral and is referred to in a shorthand manner: a d4 is a four-sided die, a d6 is a six-sided die, etc. The only odd-ball die is a d00 (otherwise known as a percentile die). A d00 is simply a ten-sided die that's been numbered 00-90. When rolled together with a ten-sided d10, you can randomly generate a number between 1 and 100. Cool, right?

Are RPG dice expensive?

RPG dice are as expensive as you want them to be :) Most sets are very affordable (less than $10), but premium dice sets can cost upwards to $100 or more.

The price is driven by the material used to make the dice. Plastic and resin dice are far less expensive than metal and gemstone dice for example.

What are the best RPG dice?

This is really a matter of opinion. Like most things in life, the "best of" something usually comes down to a personal preference. Do you like dice made from plastic? From metal? From gemstones? Do you like dice made by a certain manufacturer, or is there a specific color or colors that you fancy?

The best RPG dice are the dice that make you happy :) There's a crazy amount of dice on today's market compared to when I first started playing D&D back in the '80s. At Dark Elf Dice we know you'll find something you like and we know you'll discover your personal "best of."

Where to buy RPG dice?

You can buy RPG dice from many places on the internet, but we hope that you'll buy your dice from us :) Here are some reasons why Dark Elf Dice should be your personal dice shop:

1) We're a family owned and operated business serving the tabletop roleplaying community since 2005.

2) We're gamers and collectors too, and we understand the needs of our fellow dice goblins.

3) Being a small, dedicated business we provide a better level of customer support than big box retailers.

4) We have an extensive collection of RPG dice available for sale on our website. There are so many different DnD dice to choose from!

5) Our dice sets are affordable. Even in this hyper-inflated economy, we do our best to keep prices fair and as low as possible.

6) We ship our orders fast! Dice sets are out the door usually within 24 hours.

7) We have a generous Return Policy in case you change your mind and the RPG dice aren't exactly what you need.

Have questions about RPG dice? You've come to the right place! Dark Elf Dice is your family friendly dice shop and we'd love to help. Use the Contact form below and we'll do our best to get you the information you need.

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