Lightning Fast Shipping

Shipping Policy

The Dark Elves are a speedy bunch! We make every effort to ship orders within 1 business day of purchase (Monday through Friday), though it may take an extra day during peak times or holidays.

Have a question about shipping? Please refer to the More Information section below or click the following link.

More Information

Delivery Estimated Times

Delivery times are estimates only.

Although we get orders out the door and ship fast, we cannot guarantee an actual date of delivery for your purchase. Once a package leaves our facility we have no control over the US Postal Service or applicable International postal agency's speed of service, workloads,

Calculated Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are calculated based on package weight, dimensions and distance shipped. Our shipping fee calculator is linked to the United States Postal Service web site which provide quotes in real time from our Zip code (83686) to your Zip code, depending on the total weight of the items placed in your shopping cart.

Shipping Carriers

Due to the lighter weight nature of the DnD dice and game accessories we sell, our shipping carrier of choice is the United States Postal Service (USPS). The Postal Service offers fast, reliable, and less expensive shipping options than UPS, FedEx, and other commercial carriers who specialize in larger, heavier packages.

If for some reason you don't want to use USPS please contact us and we'll try to work something out. Please be aware that the shipping cost will most likely be more expensive.

International Customs Fees, VAT, and Duties

For customers outside of the United States, our shipping fees do not
include customs fees, taxes, or duties you may be responsible for.

Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

Tracking Delivery Scans

When a carrier's tracking information scan indicates that a package was successfully delivered, it means that the package arrived as addressed.

If you cannot locate your package after delivery, please refer to our FAQ section for helpful hints in locating your package. Dark Elf Dice will do our best to help you locate a package, but we cannot assume responsibility for missing or stolen packages that have been scanned as delivered.