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Raging Heroes Miniatures Collection

Dark Elf Dice is your source for Raging Heroes Miniatures. A rising star in the miniatures market, Raging Heroes produces some of the most extraordinary miniatures in the gaming world today.

Raging Heroes Miniatures is based in southern France. The company is known for their highly detailed design and casting quality. These are premium miniatures with a focus on powerful female characters. Epic, awesome, and prized by gamers and painters worldwide.


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All About Raging Heroes Miniatures

I've been collecting and painting miniatures for close to 40 years, and it takes a lot to impress me. There are a lot of phenomenal miniature companies in operation, and I have close to one thousand models in my personal collection from companies both old and new -- to say nothing of the thousands of RPG minis we sell on the website. I'm passionate about miniatures, and when I saw my first Raging Heroes model in person -- the unique styling, the attention to detail, the crispness of casting -- I just knew we had to have them on Dark Elf Dice.

Raging Heroes Miniatures is is a small company based in southern France with a dedicated team of artists and designers who love what they do. They're gamers and collectors too, and their love of gaming comes through with each released model. Their miniatures and storytelling often focuses on strong, female characters suitable for sci-fi and fantasy games -- both tabletop roleplaying and wargaming (character models, heroes, and proxies). Some of my personal favorites are part of the Dark Elves collection (naturally!), as well as the Sisters of the Orphange (a sisterhood of nobel knights). Raging Heroes Miniatures are fun to collect, fun to paint, and fun to use on game night. Go ahead and browse the collection -- I'm certain you'll find something that appeals to your imagination as much as it does to mine.

- Shane

Raging Heroes Miniatures FAQ

Are Raging Heroes Miniatures any good?

Absolutely! Raging Heroes Miniatures are premium tabletop minis cherished by gamers and collectors alike. The fluid designs and crispness of detail makes Raging Heroes fun to paint as display pieces or for a night of gaming.

What are Raging Heroes Miniatures made from?

The majority of Raging Heroes Miniatures are made from resin, but a few specialty models are made from lead-free, metal.

Do Raging Heroes Miniatures require assembly?

Yes, like most miniatures for sale today, Raging Heroes models require assembly (both resin and metal minis). This is a good thing though, because many models in the Raging Heroes line have optional weapon and head options to help you customize and make your model truly your own.

What scale are Raging Heroes Miniatures?

Raging Heroes Miniatures range in scale from 30mm to 36mm -- the perfect size for current tabletop games and wargames. The models fit well with other ranges and can be used for player characters, heroes and proxies.

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