Giant Metal D20 II (Spellweaver) | 33mm TTRPG Game Die


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Giant Metal D20 II (Spellweaver)


Arcane power is yours to control! The Spellweaver is an astonishing combination of antique copper and color shifting green and amber enamel.

Spellweaver (antique copper frame | prismatic green and amber inlay). Released as part of our Kickstarter campaign: GIANT METAL D20 II!

Giant Metal D20 Features

  • Giant, 33mm size
  • Feel the power! At almost 5 ounces, the d20 is heavy and weighty in your hand
  • Made of real metal (a nickel and zinc composite).
  • Using a framed pattern, each numbered face is filled with durable enamel with prismatic mica glitter, resulting in an amazing effect.
  • Comes with lined dice bag 

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Gleason
Nice Statement Die

Ordered this for a druid character of mine, and I'm in love with it. The sparkle shifts from red to green depending on what angle you look at, which is magical in of itself, and the heft of the metallic die is nicely weighty. Would not, however recommend for rolling on hard surfaces- get a mat. Overall, 10/10, and gave me a sick nat 20 on my lvl 4 moonbeam the other day.

Veronica Runolfsson
Thank you! The product looks great

Thank you! The product looks great

Michael B
Quality. A good weight....would suggest pr...

Quality. A good weight....would suggest protecting table surface from damage.

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