Giant d20 (Hematite) | 25mm RPG Role Playing Game Die

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Hematite d20

Note: This d20 is hand crafted from real stone. As such, all stone dice are unique and may have naturally occurring blemishes and differences in color and size. The dice are cut, ground, polished, and inked by hand. Small chips, rough edges, etc. are to be expected. Any differences in color, size, etc. are not to be considered defects, but add to the character of the dice.

If you're looking for a d20 that rocks, then look no further! This giant d20 is made from real Hematite stone, and is roughly twice as large as a standard d20. The die is heavy in the hand and looks stunning. Use it for a Die of Doom in your next RPG campaign, or as an awesome conversation piece. If Middle-earth Dwarves played role playing games, this is the die they'd use for saving throws and rolls-to-hit.

Hematite is a naturally occurring mineral, and is colored a gorgeous silver-gray/steel. This Giant d20 preserves the natural hue, and is polished to a lustrous, mirror-like finish. Red-inked numbers compliment the die, making the numbers easy-to-read without interfering with the hematite's natural beauty.


  • Giant d20 made from solid Hematite stone
  • Approximate 25mm size
  • Numbers inked in red

Customer Reviews

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Chunky and beautiful

The die is much darker than the picture shows, with polished surfaces that look nice in the light.

The faces of the die are unevenly shaped and sized, more so than is visible in the picture, but so far, this has not resulted in lopsided rolls.

The die is heavy and large, with some sharp corners. You definitely need a dice tray or game mat to roll on, otherwise you'll ruin the tabletop.

It makes a lot of noise when rolled, which is great for "secret rolls" behind the DM's screen.

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