The good folks at Dark Sword Miniatures are at it again! Three brand new releases are available for your game table with an exciting Dragonborn Mage leading the pack.

Dragonborn Mage Miniature

The Dragonborn Mage miniature is another outstanding representation of the high quality craftsmanship of Dark Sword Miniatures. Sculpted by Jeff Grace, one of my all-time favorite artists, this mini is flat-out fantastic (note: Jeff has sculpted for all the best companies including Dark Sword, Reaper and Ral Partha Enterprises among others).

The detail on this model is amazing -- the flowing robes, the mystical amulet, the horned belt buckle, and the dragon-head staff are just a few of the features that make me want to roll-up a Dragonborn spell caster for game night.

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Dragonborn Mage Miniature

Is There A Cleric In The House?

Besides the Dragonborn Mage, two clerics have also been released. The first is a female dwarven cleric rearing back a mace (presumably to smite an undead horror -- that or an annoying party member... can't really be sure), along with a classic, heavy plate armored cleric with a mace and shield:

The clerics were crafted by the legendary Tom Meier, another amazing talent who was one of the early sculpting innovators during the golden age of RPG gaming.

Female Dwarven Cleric Miniature

Male Cleric with Mace and Shield

Until next time fellow travelers! If you'd like to chat about the Dragonborn Mage or miniatures in general, please send me a message via our contact page. I've been painting minis since the mid-80's, and I love to talk about gaming.
May 01, 2019 — Shane Scarbrough

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