No matter what fantasy role playing game you play, the thief class is one of the stalwarts of the genre. Lots of players enjoy playing the thief. Whether roguishly charming or sneaky and stealthy, the thief relies on cunning and skill. Not one to simply hack and slash, thieves live by their wits: street smart, savy, and more than willing to shape their own fates. The RPG thief is one of the most fun and challenging classes to play in Dungeons & Dragons and a host of other games.

Thief Miniatures

For gamers willing to play the thief, we have a great selection of RPG miniatures to help represent the class.Presented in no particular order, here are 6 awesome RPG thief miniatures we think you'll enjoy (if you'd like to see all the awesome thief miniatures we have for sale, please click here).

#1: Hellakin

Reaper Miniatures 3071Reaper Miniatures 3071

Hellakin is a halfling thief. Bare-footed, and woolly-toed, Hellakin isn't lacking in courage. With his long hair and drawn dagger, this halfling is more at home in the back streets of a bustling city instead of the rolling meadows of some backwoods Shire. Approach with caution.

#2: Merisiel

Thief Miniatures Pathfinder 60013Pathfinder Miniatures 60013

Merisiel is an elf thief. She's reputed to come from a noble family, and no one knows exactly what turned her to a life of crime. Perhaps it was a deep seated need to prove herself, to show the world she was more than a stuffy aristocrat destined to a life of boring social events and dinner parties. No matter the reason, Merisiel is an expert at her chosen craft, and the master of her own destiny.

#3 Blue Orchid Assassin

Thief Miniatures Blue Orchid AssassinReaper Miniatures 2914

The Blue Orchid assassin has devoted his life to making his body a living weapon. He's not a brute or brawler by any means, but a master of disguise favoring stealth and prowess. He keeps to the shadows and knows how to stalk his prey without being detected. And when he strikes, he strikes quick and sure. His face is the last thing his victim will ever see.

#4 Lonodi

Reaper Miniatures 3266Reaper Miniatures 3266
Lonodi grew up poor, and when her parents died, it was up to her to support her younger siblings. Apprenticed by a master thief who saw the hunger and raw determination in Lonodi, she mastered the craft of deception and burglary, honing her skills in one of the wealthy coastal cities. She earns a fair living picking pockets and working as a thief-for-hire. Her siblings are taken care of, and no longer live in fear of poverty and ruin.

#5 Damon

Reaper Miniatures Thief 3237Reaper Miniatures 3237
Damon started life as a caravan guard for a rich merchant. He risked his life daily in the service of a wealthy man concerned only for himself and money. For years, Damon watched as his employer cheated others, using his wealth to crush lesser men. He and his fellow guardsmen were treated as disposable assets -- under appreciated and underpaid. Finally having endured enough, Damon robbed the rich man of his ill gotten gold and gems, turning the riches over to the families and victims he had seen hurt throughout the years. Damon now leads a band of robbers that prey on the wealthy and stingy, using leverage to help others in need.

#6 Sandru Vhiski

Pathfinder Miniatures 60148Pathfinder Miniatures 60148
Sandru Vhiski likes to think of himself as the most important man alive. Roguishly handsome with a winning smile, Sandru uses his charms to con others of their wealth. He's a thief and a gambler, relying on his wits, luck, and good looks to seduce his victims. A ladies man and a flirt, he's also an expert swordsman and doesn't lack for courage if he feels his honor has been insulted.
September 11, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough

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