A closer look at the different types of giant dice used for role playing games.

Is bigger always better? When it comes to role playing dice, it just might be. For gamers looking to pack a punch at their RPG sessions, there are more options than ever before for oversized, giant dice.

Giant Dice

Whenever the topic of giant dice comes up at Dark Elf Dice, there's usually a few questions.

  • So what exactly are giant dice? Basically any game dice 28mm or larger can be classified as "giant dice" (as a point of comparison, the standard, or normal set of dice we're all familiar with in Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, etc. are 16mm in size).
  • Are giant dice a good choice for RPG? Absolutely! Lots of gamers like rolling big dice on game nights. Not only are oversized dice unique, but the giant size really shows off colors well. As an added bonus, the numbers are easy to read (something appreciated by older gamers such as myself).
  • What types of giant dice are available? As mentioned previously, there are more giant dice options for gamers than every before. So let's take a look!

Jumbo Dice (Koplow)

Jumbo DiceJumbo dice by Koplow are a good choice for gamers looking for a basic set of big RPG dice. Jumbos measure 28mm in size, and come in an assortment of solid, opaque colors (black, blue, red, etc). The numbers are inked in bright white for ease of readability.

Giant Dice (Crystal Caste)

Crystal Caste Giant DiceGiant dice by Crystal Caste offers something even larger for players. The entire Giant line is cast in 35mm, and comes available in the most popular CC colors: Oblivion, Toxic, Otherworld, and Translucent. Crystal Caste is always innovating, and I won't be surprised if the company expands the line and offers even more colors soon.

Giant d20 (Koplow)

Giant D20 DiceRounding out the selection of big dice is the humongous, Giant d20 by Koplow. Like Jumbo dice, the Giant d20's come in solid, opaque colors with bright white numbers. Measuring a whopping 55mm in size, these d20's are huge! Some may view a die this large as more of a conversation piece, but I personally use a Giant d20 for our group's saving throws. The anxiety level always goes up when it's time to roll the massive "Die of Doom" :)

Final Thoughts

If you'd like to take a look at the entire Giant Dice category, please click the following store link. We're also offering a special 10% off coupon on any giant dice through the end of September. Simply use the coupon code BIG10 at the time of checkout.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Always remember that life is an amazing gift, so make each and everyday an adventure.

August 31, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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