The Dice Lab: Skew Dice (White) | 7-Piece RPG Dice Set

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The Dice Lab: Skew Dice (White)

Despite their bizarre appearance, Skew Dice are just as fair as regular dice. Based on traditional polyhedral shapes, the faces have been distorted in such a way that they remain flat and are congruent (each one has the same size and shape). Wacky dice to be sure, but perfectly fair rolls for all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games.

Set includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20.


  • 7-piece RPG dice set
  • Opaque white
  • Numbers inked in black
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old


The Dice Lab harnesses the power of mathematics and optimal number balancing to ensure fairness with each roll. To learn more about the company's amazing dice designs, please click here.

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