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D&D Phunny Plush (Beholder)

I've got my eyes on you... Who says D&D monsters can't be soft and cuddly? This adorable Beholder plush is sure to bring a smile to your face. Crafted from super soft fabric, you'll love having this Beholder hanging around the game table. She's fun to hug and show off to your friends.


D&D Phunny Plush toys are available in other styles, sold separately. Whether you choose the Beholder, Displacer Beast, Mimic, or Snowy Owlbear you're in for a treat. More Phunny plush toys are releasing soon!


  • Officially licensed D&D product
  • Super soft and plushy!
  • Approximately 7 inches tall
  • Filled with plush stuffing
  • So cute!
  • Ages 8+

Customer Reviews

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Kayla Duncan
So cute !

We bought this toy for our 10 month old (yes we know it’s not technically a toy, yes he’s always closely supervised while he plays with it,) and we all love it! His dad was so excited when he found a D&D toy that our son could use, and even more excited about how cute it is. It’s one of the baby’s favourites, so we always have it when we go out, and we’ve received quite a few comments and compliments on it! Once he doesn’t want to play with it anymore his father will definitely be displaying it on his work desk!!

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