As many of you know, Dark Elf Dice recently moved from Wisconsin to Idaho. The move was a long process, and things went relatively well as we traveled over 1,500 miles across six states (we got lost once in the Black Hills of South Dakota -- that was an adventure in and of itself, and if you're curious I'll tell you all about it if you shoot me an email). We reopened the shop last month, and things are now just starting to feel normal again.

Why Idaho?

You know, it's a question we get asked a lot -- why'd you leave Wisconsin and move across the country to Idaho? There really isn't a simple answer to the question. We don't have family here (some amazing friends though!) and only visited the state once before. I suppose like most things in life it's complex. My family and I were proud to call Wisconsin home for many, many years. My wife and children were all born in the Dairy State, and I've been a Wisconsinite for most of my life (the last 35 years). Perhaps we had grown too comfortable in our lives and needed a change. Maybe we felt time slipping away as we grew older, and honestly wanted something different...

The move here was two years in the making. We visited Idaho for the first time in the autumn of 2017 and truly fell in love with the state -- the people, the mountains, the weather. There really is an allure to the American West. In the end, things just seemed right for a new adventure. We cast the dice, rolled a nat 20, and decided to go for it.

More Space, More Dice

From a strictly business viewpoint, the move made a lot of sense. Our new workspace is huge (much larger than our old one) and we're able to stock and add more inventory (you'll be seeing lots of new dice and miniatures in the coming months!). Move to Idaho DiceAlso, we're much closer to a major postal hub in Boise, so our packages are being transported and delivered across the country and the world much faster. This definitely is an added bonus, because our business model has always stressed quick order fulfillment.

The End Result

So in the end, we find ourselves in a brand new place at the beginnings of a tremendous adventure. We're truly happy here in Idaho and find ourselves in the unique position of providing an even greater selection of products and even greater customer service than ever before.

Until next time fellow travelers! The year is more than half-way over, but there's a lot happening still in regards to new dice releases from Chessex, Koplow, MDG, Q-workshop and others. Stay tuned! And don't forget to live your best life ever :)

August 18, 2019 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG News

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