At Dark Elf Dice, we're always adding new dice to our impressive catalog, and some of the newest dice launched were Blended dice -- polyhedral dice in unusual two-color mixes.

New Blended Dice

Since we started carrying Blended dice late last year, the collection has steadily grown. The three newest dice sets came out last week, and are sure to offer something special for gamers and collectors.

The new Blended dice include Glamour Spell, Vorpal Blade, and Wild Magic (you can view these and other Blended dice here).

Blended dice Glamour SpellGlamour Spell dice are an unusual mixture of yellow and rose -- two of the rarer colors on the market today. The end result is a beautiful mix that appears soft and velvety. These dice are a great choice for Bards and spell casters.

Vorpal Blade dice

Vorpal Blade dice feature a mix of purple and green. Unlike other purple/green mixes we sell, these Blended dice have a soft, metallic sheen. Combined with bright gold numbering, Vorpal Blade dice evoke the mystery of magical weapons.

Wild Magic dice

Rounding out the newest Blended dice in our collection is my personal favorite, Wild Magic dice. A purple and red mixture is the hallmark of Wild Magic. Where the two colors blend together, an almost coppery-hue is created. Again, these are awesome dice for spell casters -- especially sorcerers of any alignment.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy our newest Blended dice, be sure to check back often! As always, we'll be launching new dice sets over the coming months.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Take time to enjoy the precious gift of life, and have fun gaming :)

March 11, 2018 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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