Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our special Labor Day promotion :) The special is now ended, but never fear! We run several promos throughout the year with giveaway freebies. To be notified of our upcoming giveaways and promos, be sure to sign up for our weekly Dark Elf Dice newsletter (sign-up section is in the footer section at the very bottom of the website).

Labor Day is here and summer is ending, but have no fear! Dark Elf Dice is giving away a free dice bag and random set of opaque dice with every purchase all week long -- from now until September 11, 2023 (the offer expires at midnight MT).

How to Get Your Free Dice Bag + Random Dice

We're going to make this promotion super easy -- no coupon code required. All you need to do is send us a personal message in the "Add a note to your order" section on the first page of checkout (see example below).

The message can be anything you want. Some examples:

  • Free dice bag + dice please :)
  • I rolled a nat 20!
  • Greetings from Wisconsin
  • I love your store!

You get the idea :) Write a personal message with your order and we'll include the free dice bag with a random opaque dice set with your purchase.

Labor Day Promotion Notes

  • Dice bag measures approximately 3.75 inches X 5.75 inches and holds around 30 standard sized dice
  • Made from durable synthetic leather with an embossed d20 skull motif (awesome!)
  • Opaque dice set will be a random color (if you have a favorite color you can let us know in your message -- we'll do our best to honor your request, but please understand that not every color will be available).
  • An additional purchase is required to receive the free dice bag + random dice set.
  • Promotion ends on Monday, September 11 at midnight MT.

Happy adventures and Happy Labor Day from all of us at Dark Elf Dice :)


September 03, 2023 — Shane Scarbrough

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