The Gemini dice collection is one of our favorites here at Dark Elf Dice, and our loyal customers would seem to agree. Gemini has been a perennial favorite ever since we opened, and it's not surprising why. When it comes to Gemini, Chessex really "got it right." The collection features the finest RPG dice in twin, complimentary colors, and there really is something awesome for everyone.

New Gemini Dice Color

Like most manufacturers, Chessex introduces different colors from time to time, and we're always excited to see what's new for the gaming table. I have to say that the newest Gemini Teal and Steel dice pattern really brought a smile to our faces.

Cool And Classy

Chessex has never been afraid to experiment, and they're one of the few companies that uses teal to great effect. Whether they're combining teal with copper, purple -- and now steel -- the end result is brilliant. The new teal and steel dice really come across as cool and classy. The two colors really work well together, and are a great fit with the other dice in the Gemini collection.

Share Your Thoughts

So what do you feel about the new Gemini dice color? How does it compare with some of the other colors in the Gemini collection? Share your thoughts and opinions with your fellow gamers and let your voice be heard!

Until next time, fellow travelers. May all your rolls be natural 20s :)

October 15, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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