Good news for anyone interested in Firefly dice -- we just received new inventory in every color. Out of all the RPG dice manufactured by Crystal Caste, Firefly dice are some of the most unique. The dice seem to glow from within, and immediately catch your attention with their bright blend of translucent colors.

Firefly Dice

When Crystal Caste first released Firefly dice back in 2011, we knew they would be an instant hit with gamers. To say that the dice are eye-catching is an understatement -- from the day we unpacked our very first shipment, the Firefly dice became a staff favorite. We've been in the dice business for quite awhile, but quite frankly had never seen such unusual colors. We ordered the dice sight unseen (the dice were so new that CC didn't have pictures yet), and the Fireflies far exceeded our expectations.

Like most of the RPG dice we carry at Dark Elf Dice, the Fireflies come in a traditional set of seven polyhedral shapes: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20. The etched numbers on each die face are inked in gold -- a good color choice that is easy to read, yet not so bold as to interfere with the underlying colors.

Color Choices

Firefly dice are available in four blended color combinations

  • Purple and yellow
  • Orange and red
  • Green and blue
  • Green and aqua
We often have customers ask us what color combination is the most popular. While all the colors are strong sellers, the purple and yellow combination have a slight edge over the others. In fact, a month after the Firefly dice were first released, we held a dice giveaway and the purple and yellow dice were chosen by our Facebook followers to be the prize. In the end, the Firefly giveaway turned out to be one of our most popular ever. Be that as it may, color is a personal choice. So what is your favorite?

Firefly Dice Purple

firefly dice blue green

firefly dice orange

firefly dice aqua

May 31, 2015 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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