It's been a good year for new RPG dice releases. We've seen new dice from venerable manufacturers like Chessex (Ghostly Glow), and brand new product lines from indie developers like Gate Keeper Games (Halfsies dice). Now to top things off, we have a brand new RPG dice collection from MDG: Combo Attack dice.

Combo Attack Dice

Combo Attack dice derive their name from the "combo" of colors inherent in the series. Each set is a combination of two complimentary colors: black/yellow, blue/white, green/light green, orange/brown, and red/white. I'd also like to think that the second part of the name ("attack") has to do with the series willingness to fight all the other RPG dice out there for a place on the gaming table.

The Series Strength

combo attack dice orange brownAt Dark Elf Dice, we carry scads of gorgeous gaming dice, and Combo Attack dice definitely fit right in. The strength of the series derives from the pleasing, yet unusual color choices available for gamers.

Take for instance the Combo Attack orange/brown dice. As a whole, orange is underrepresented in the RPG dice scene compared to blue, black, or purple. MDG takes this little-used color and combines it with something really rare -- brown. The end result is something eye-catching and different from other gaming dice. The use of gold inking plays well against this color combo, and gives the dice a complete look that vies for your attention.

Can Handle Any Adventure

The other colors in the Combo Attack range have the same pluckiness, and can handle any role playing adventure. Exploring ancient ruins? No problem. Fighting a fierce family of Frost Giants? Got it covered. In the end, Combo Attack dice are ready for a fight and will handle whatever your imagination throws at them.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Check out the pics of the other Combo Attack dice, and always remember to keep on rolling :) 

combo attack dice blue

combo attack dice yellow

combo attack dice green

combo attack dice red


November 20, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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