Chronoscope miniatures offer something new to RPG gaming.

Back in the early days of table top role playing, RPGs were often referred to as "pen and paper" games. Game Master's would create fantasy worlds out of their imaginations, spinning epic tales and describing scenes in great detail. Players would share this vision, and chart the world their characters moved through on graph paper.

It didn't take long though for gamers to borrow a page from strategic wargaming and incorporate miniature models into their adventures. Miniatures helped players visualize the scenes before them, representing their characters and spacing during battles and encounters. Even though RPGs still relied on "pen and paper," miniatures added depth and richness to a night's worth of gaming.

Chronoscope Miniatures

Fast forward 40 years, and things haven't changed all that much. Though not entirely necessary, gaming miniatures still add to the pleasure of role playing games.

In an area long dominated by fantasy miniatures (think Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder), one exciting development is the Chronoscope miniatures line by Reaper. Forgoing the miniatures one usually sees in fantasy games (armored knights, battle-axe wielding dwarves, elven archers, etc.), Chronoscope focuses on the unexpected. There's gun toting vigilantes, musclebound superheroes, steam punk time travelers, secret agents, western cowboys, and more. Chronoscope miniatures are a diverse lineup that cross many RPG genres.

Incorporating Chronoscope Miniatures

Chronoscope Miniatures 50279Because of their diversity, Chronoscope miniatures can be used in any number of role playing games. Sci-fi RPGs readily come to mind, but how about traditional fantasy? Would it be wrong to drop a Malvernis Soldier into your D&D campaign for instance?

Remember, there's really no wrong or right when it comes to fantasy role playing. These are imaginative games, after all, but Game Masters should still exercise caution lest they break lore and cheapen the shared adventure with their players.

So how can miniatures like Chronoscope be incorporated into a traditional fantasy setting?

Chronoscope Miniatures 50280The best advice is to stretch, but don't break lore. Introduce an out-of-this-world character through the "realities" that exist in the current campaign. Perhaps the party discovers a well in an ancient temple that's actually a portal to another dimension. How about a magic mirror taken from a wizard's hoard that allows players to see (and encounter) a steampunk heroine like Belle?

Whatever you do, don't simply spring a Chronoscope miniature packing a laser gun on your players without some logical basis. You wan't to suspend your players disbelief (not ruin it) and the best way to do that is to base the encounter on something that makes sense in the fantasy world the characters exist in.

Chronoscope Inspires Imagination

Chronoscope PackagesIf handled properly, Chronoscope miniatures can really freshen up a fantasy RPG. I wouldn't overdue it, but an encounter with a sci-fi hero or villain can truly inspire your players' imaginations. Not that there's anything wrong with battling Orcs, Trolls, and the like -- but how about forcing your players to adapt to a new situation? By facing unexpected challenges and expanding the scope of the fantasy world they play in, your players will thoroughly enjoy themselves and have a memorable night's gaming that will be talked about years to come. Fun, excitement, and imagination. Isn't that what RPG gaming is all about?

Final Thoughts

So how about it readers? What do you think about the Chronoscope miniatures lineup, and have you ever stretched the boundaries of a traditional fantasy RPG? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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August 01, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough

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