Five cool RPG dice for gamers and collectors.

As avid gamers and collectors here at Dark Elf Dice, we're fortunate to have lots of different role playing dice at our disposal. And like most of you, we just can't seem to get enough cool RPG dice in our greedy little hands.

Cool RPG Dice

When it comes to cool RPG dice, we've seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Yes, the basic polyhedral and crystal shapes have stayed true to form, but some manufacturers have dropped certain colors or entire product lines altogether (and in the extreme case of GameScience Dice, the entire company went out of business for a time). Thankfully though, as RPG dice have left the market, others have risen to take their place. Here then are some cool RPG dice you probably never heard of.

Metal Dice

cool rpg dice metal

These metal role playing dice by Crystal Caste were released just last week. This new metal line replaces the old Dwarven Metal dice that ended their run a few years back. It took awhile for CC to ramp up production again with a new foundry, but these metals are every bit as good, if not better, than the previous lineup.

These are cool RPG dice because: Just like the Terminator, metal dice are back. This time in 7 new, battle-hardened finishes.

Mini Translucent Dice

cool rpg dice miniature

Proving that good things come in small packages, Chessex recently expanded their miniature dice line to include translucent colors. Perhaps we're biased, but we've always liked the clean look of translucent dice, and couldn't wait to see these minis firsthand. Needless to say, we were impressed.

These are cool RPG dice because: These are the tiniest gaming dice we've seen. The 12mm size is cuter than a halfling riding a lamb to the candy store.

Vortex Electric Yellow Dice

cool rpg dice vortex

Vortex electric yellow ranks as one of the most edgy colors ever produced by Chessex. Loud and proud, the electric yellow wakes you up. It's like Lemon Head candy chugging a Red Bull at Lollapalooza. Yes, it's that intense.


These are cool RPG dice because: ZAP! The color is electrifying.

Cirrus Aqua Dice

cool rpg dice cirrus

Hands down, Cirrus is one of our all-time favorites by Chessex. The dice have been around awhile, but the line is obscure compared to the likes of Gemini or Scarab. The aqua color is our favorite, and Chessex does a remarkable job mimicking wisps of clouds in each die.


These are cool RPG dice because: Cirrus aqua is one of the most beautiful dice colors ever made.

Otherworld Crystal Dice

Cool RPG Dice Otherworld Crystal

Finishing off our list are Otherworld Crystal dice. Years ago, Crystal Caste produced standard 7-piece RPG sets in the Otherworld finish -- blended hues of iridescent greens, blues, purples, and reds. For reasons unknown, the company halted production of the pattern, and it hasn't been until recently that they've brought the colors back.


These are cool RPG dice because: Crystal Caste resurrected the Otherworld colors, and for the first time made the dice in the company's trademarked crystal shapes.

July 31, 2015 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG Dice

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