Norse Boulder (Fallen Star) | Massive 45mm Metal D20


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Norse Boulder (Fallen Star) - 45mm D20

Somewhere in the lands of the frozen north lies a hidden forge deep beneath the snowy mountains. Here, the massive Norse Boulders are forged from heated metal. Made from solid zinc-alloy, the Fallen Star d20 is HEAVY and IMPRESSIVE. Rolls like thunder and is the perfect die for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. 


The Fallen Star Norse Boulder is forged with a rainbow torched frame and a purplish-blue enamel inlay. Every Norse Boulder is unique. Variations of color, markings etc. are not to be considered defects, but rather add to the d20's uniqueness and are part of the handcrafted nature of each metal die.


  • Massive 45mm size
  • Solid metal
  • Amazing heft and weight
  • Rainbow torched frame
  • Purplish-blue enamel inlay
  • The number 20 has been replaced with the Norse Foundry wolf head

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