Flying Buffalo

Tunnels & Trolls Boxed Set #6201 | Collectible RPG

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  • Tunnels and Trolls Boxed Set 6201

Flying Buffalo

Tunnels & Trolls Boxed Set #6201 | Collectible RPG

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Tunnels & Trolls Boxed Set #6201

If you have ever thrilled to the tales of King Arthur and his knights, shivered upon hearing a howl at midnight, or dreamed of exploring and discovering the treasures of lost civilizations, you will love fantasy gaming. Tunnels & Trolls, the complete fantasy game, can be your guide into chose worlds of adventure where heroic knights joust at tourney, and the midnight howl is that of a werewolf stalking its prey.

You'll find that Tunnels & Trolls is easy to learn and easy to play. You can adventure through the T&T solitaire adventures, if you're brave enough to face foul monsters alone in their lairs. And when your friends decide that it is more prudent to outnumber the monsters, T&T is equally suited for use as a group game.

Why sit back and watch adventures? With T&T, you'll live the adventure!


  • Tunnels & Trolls The complete rulebook by Ken St. Andre
  • Buffalo Castle A solitaire adventure for T&T
  • Castle Ward An introductory GM scenario by Mike Stackpole
  • Player Character Pack 10 Tunnels & Trolls characters to get you started — all completely attributed and equipped
  • Three Six-sided dice


  • This boxed set has been discontinued.
  • Brand new and still sealed in cellophane. 

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